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City Oddities - Some (more or less) urban objects from Ambitions/Late Night for The Sims 2

Summer isn't exactly my favorite season, so I spent yet another vacation day in the pleasant coolness of my home office with converting some more Sims 3 urban objects for my Bridgeport neighborhood, primarily intended for building construction sites or scrap yards

List of objects (poly counts over 1000 added in parentheses):

- cylindrical bollards (Late Night debug)
- wooden crates (Late Night debug)
- caution barrier (Late Night debug)
- oil barrel (Late Night debug)
- traffic cones (Ambitions miscellaneous decor)
- trash can city dirty, trash can city clean (Late night debug)
- urban scaffolding (1874 x 2714) (Late Night debug)
- tire pile high poly (2800 x 1885)/low poly (800 x 660) (Ambitions miscellaneous decor)

- miner (1071 x 1551) (Ambitions debug)

All objects can be found in the buy mode under 'Sculptures'. Should there be any problems with the files, don't hesitate to shout. I'm all ears.

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?a6fs9dst1e3iyhi
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