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The Remains of the Play, Part 5 - Random 3t2/4t2 Conversions

The yo-yo has reached the end of the string. Let's make this quick and painless.

5. The Bucket List

Saved the best for last? Not necessarily, but as it is known, tastes differ. These last 17 conversions come from different sources, have been made at different times and for different reasons, and are qualitatively very different. On the other hand, there is nothing like difference to keep us out of the rut. So, decide for yourselves.

Screenshots and short descriptions (full speed) ahead ...


+++ The Workbench from TS3 'Ambitions' is decorative only, but has three slots to put things on it.

+++ The little Cubby from TS3 'Aurora Skies' is best admired from afar as the mesh is quite blocky and blurry (if these are the right technical terms).

+++ The Radio Antenna is separated from a TS3 'University' stereo and decorative only.

+++ The Wall Billboard comes from TS4 'City Life' and has a gigantic 15 recolors.

+++ The Money Bag you can get from the genie in The Sims 2 is a decorative item which mesh I extracted because I needed the bag for my game.

+++ The Street Store Table from TS4 'City Life' is cloned from a dining table, but I wouldn't recommend to use it for your Sims dinner parties.Too little foot space!

+++ The Crocks Of Stuff are straight from the TS3 base game. I made them a bit smaller than the originals.

+++ Jon And Cindy Bunny are at home at the TS3 'Ultra Lounge' and make a nice decoration for a child's room.

+++ The 3x2 Rocket Rug is a TS3 base game item and master to the 2x1 round Purrfect Rug (not pictured). I added a couple of recolors that fit the last four sets I uploaded.


+++ The Crime Map is a decorative object that I converted from TS4 'Get To Work'. If you turn it around, the cork surface is blank.

+++ The Grocery Store Poster is ripped from the TS3 'Showtime' grocery shop. There are six motives, with the ads appearing on the front and the back of the poster so that you can put them on the window pane using the "moveObjects" cheat.

+++ The Shopping Cart hails from the same source. Just use the "snapObjectsToGrid" cheat and put them in a row together. Nifty, right?


+++ The Prickly Pear Cactus from TS3 'Lucky Palms' can be found under the Deco/Plants category. Careful! Handle with gloves!


+++ The Russian Double Window from TS3 'Mother Russia' gave me more trouble than it was worth. That's why I didn't feel like making a diagonal version. Enough is enough!


+++ The Horizontal Chemical Tank and the Tall Refinery Chimney are the remnants of a bunch of objects I converted from Cyclonesue's Industrial Tanks and Silos set. The other objects seem to have gone straight into deleted-file-heaven. Bummer!

Credits: Maxis for the meshes, SimPE, TSRW, Gimp, Milkshape, Cyclonesue for the tank and the chimney.

Download here: http://simfileshare.net/download/311621/

Aaaand ... the time has come for some closing words.

A big thank you to everybody who downloaded my conversions and/or encouraged and supported me with likes and comments. ❀ ✿ ❁ ✽ ❃ ❋

An especially great big hug goes to delonariel, badchriss, slig_lj, shastakiss, simlili, and psychosim. It was a pleasure to meet you and to share some small but nice moments with you.

Take care everybody! Stay healthy and safe, and as always ...


Addendum: As soon as I've uploaded all of my old files to Sim File Share, there will be a sticky post on this livejournal with links to the individual folders.

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