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Sim File Share Link List

(This sticky post is a work in progress and will be edited if needed.)

Please read before downloading!

Listed below you will find links to all of my 3t2/4t2 conversions uploaded to Sim File Share. Contrary to the conversions uploaded to Mediafire (the ones that I linked to in my various Livejournal posts), the files uploaded to Sim File Share are mostly sorted by Theme (e.g. Rabbit Holes -- Movie, Stage & Props -- Kid's Stuff, etc.). Those conversions that didn't match a special theme I sorted under The Others, divided into the four categories Build Mode, Decorative, Comfort/Surfaces, and Files That Need An Expansion.

New file names and re-categorizing: As my first conversion files had a different labeling than the later ones, I renamed them to have a uniform file naming scheme. In some cases, I shortened files names or removed special characters. Moreover, I re-categorized a good many objects, mostly from the Deco/Sculpture to the Deco/Misc or the General/Misc category, since I had far too many things under the sculpture tab in my game.

Corrected files: In the process of renaming and re-categorizing, I also modified some of my conversions in regard to footprints, wrong shadows, and the like, deleted superfluous lines in SimPE, and changed the Pie Menu values of a few seating furniture that had the additional "Animals Tab" added with the Pets expansion so that they don't crash the game of those Sims players that don't have this expansion.

Please note: If you don't like these modifications ... as long as Mediafire hosts my old files, you can of course download them from there.

Collection files: All themed collections have a collection file, so you can easily find all of its objects.

On the subject of screenshots: I'm aware that screenshots showing the individual conversions are quite important as you want to know what you're downloading. Photobucket deleted the screenshots I had uploaded to my Livejournal posts, I will see if I find time to reupload them to my Livejournal scrapbook and insert them from there (no promise!). Whether or not, I'm going to add them to the respective Sim File Share folders. Because of the new arrangement of my files, though, it might be that not all of the screenshots match the particular folder's content one-hundred per cent in that they show addtional conversions from other folders. There are also some screenshots that I'm sure I made at some point in the past, but which took a hike to whatever place. If by any chance I should find them after all, I'll add them later.

Compability and TOU: Save for the few conversions that need an expansion pack and that I therefore put in the abovementioned extra folder, all of the files on Sim File Share are tested with The Sims Life Stories, meaning they are (most probably) basegame compatible. Be aware, though, that I've retired from creating and won't be able to help you with specific problems in regard to my conversions anymore. Also, feel free to share, edit, or change my conversions to your heart's content. Don't make them a pay item, though. EA's TOU does count legally!


1. Theme

Traffic & Vehicle Collection 
Contains cars, traffic signs, and other decorative objects related to transport and automobiles. All of these objects are categorized as General/Misc.

Billboards & Big Hood Deco Collection
Contains billboards and big deco objects that you can use to decorate your neighborhood with (not to be mistaken with the Hood Objects which you can access in the game's Neighborhood Mode only and which have their own themed folder). Due to its partly huge size, these objects mostly don't have the correct footprint. All of them are categorized as General/Misc and cost 0 Simoleons.

Rabbit Holes & Mausoleum Collection
Contains 51 huge deco buildings (in TS3 refered to as "rabbit holes") and mausoleums. There's a folder called Rabbit Holes Without Screenshots, in which you can find eight buildings which I didn't share before. All the behemoths have been put in the General/Misc category and cost nothing. For more information on rabbit holes and high poly count, please refer to this post.

Junkyard & Workshop Collection
Contains objects to build a junkyard or a workshop with, such as crap piles, rusted vehicles, and items related to TS3's Inventing and Sculpting skills (widgets, inventions, sculptures). Everything is categorized as General/Misc and the junk is (of course) for free.

Community & Residential Lot Deco Collection
Contains objects that you can use to give your community or residential lot a more authentic look or feel. The selection ranges from such diverse things as drainpipes, town signs, or concession stands over dumpsters, hydrants, or tree guards to protest signs, mailboxes, or graffiti.

Music, Movie, Stage & Props Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects related to either the music business, the movies, or the stage.

The Tinkers Put Up A Circus Collection
Contains mostly furniture and deco objects from TS3 'Showtime' and 'Le Cirque Esprit', dealing with the circus theme. This collection is presented by Bluewater Village's Tinker family, who decided to put up a circus in their backyard.

Pub, Bar & Restaurant Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects for pubs, bars, and restaurants.

The Casino Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects from the TS3 'Lucky Simoleons Casino' and 'Viva Las Vegas' Store Sets.

The Rockabilly Rebel Range Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects "playing with fire". Sandy Bruty's (hot rod) pants were the force behind this crude collection that (luckily) includes some more neutral recolors as well.

Oh là là - The French Vinery Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects that have a sort of French vinery theme and screenshots of the Jacquets who show us what they store in their cellar. They claim it's nectar what's in all of those bottles, but we all know that the content is actually a bit more high-proof.

Private Detective Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects that I made for my abandoned detective story and didn't share up to now. If anyone wants them for their own story or legacy, go ahead!

Kids Stuff Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects for use especially in a child's room or kindergarden. For reason of gaining quicker access, I put all of the deco objects into the General/Kids category.

Laundromat & Public Bathroom Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects that are vital when it comes to equipping a laundromat or a (not so clean) public bathroom. Obviously, the items can just as well be used for the residential loo, too. Almost all of the objects can be found in the Plumbing category.

Gypsy & Magic Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects that have a Bohemian or magical touch.

Neighborhood Objects Collection
Contains 12 objects which you can fill your neighborhood with from the game's Neighborhood Mode. As far as I remember (it's been a while since I made them), you are able to place them anywhere, i.e. on water or land, inside a lot, or on top of the road.

Showtime Mid Pop Collection
Contains 70s-style furniture and deco objects from TS3 'Showtime' in the colors characteristic for that period.

Federal Coffee Collection
Contains furniture from TS3 'Ambitions' with a coffee-related pattern and coffee accessoires from Vitasims 3.

Contemporary Comfort Zebra Edition Collection
Contains furniture and deco objects from the TS3 'Contempory Comfort' Store Set in a zebra and a pink-with-black-dots design.

Gothic Glamour Wedding Collection
Contains furniture from TS3 'Gothic Glamour' and deco objects from TS3 'Romanza Rezeption' in a black/pinkish design.

2. The Others

Build Mode
Contains windows, doors, fences, and columns that don't match a special theme.

Contains clutter, sculptures, paintings, wall hangings, rugs, and plants to use in a modern or everyday environment.

Comfort/ Surfaces
Contains furniture from the Comfort and Surfaces category to use in a modern or everyday environment.

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