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The Remains of the Play, Part 4 - Sims 3t2 Gothic Glamour & Romanza Reception Conversions

We're drawing to a close. This is the second last part of my remaining remains and the last themed collection.

4. The Gothic Glamour Wedding Decoration Collection

If I were an artist, I would tell you that this collection is part of my experimental phase, being defined by a clash of two different decor styles. As I'm nowhere near being an artist, I will tell you that I don't exactly know why I made these conversions. Perhaps because I just felt like converting. Probably because I wanted to try something new. Very likely because I had something special in mind that I forgot about. Odds-on that nobody cares why this curious mixture of two Sims 3 store sets came into being.

May I present: Gothic Glamour meets Romanza Reception. It's almost like Batman meets Cinderella.




Objects in the set: Sofa, loveseat, living chair, two dining chairs, coffee table, end table, dining table, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, candle. flower curtain, wall tv, shelf (with 6 slots), wall flower, flower vase, flower pedestal, flower pot, statue, napkin holder, choco fountain deco, bridal bouquet, platter, cupcakes, collection file.

As I wasn't able to get The Sims 2 running correctly since I installed Windows 8, I had to test the conversions in The Sims Life Stories. For that it might be that everything is base game compatible, though I wouldn't put my shirt on it. As always, use the downloads at your own risk!

Credits: Maxis for the meshes, SimPE, TSRW, Gimp, Milkshape, coolstamper & Any Palacios from COLOURlovers for the pattern "Grandma's Lace 2".

Download here: http://simfileshare.net/download/302425/

To be continued ...

Tags: comfort, decorative, electronics, lighting, surfaces
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