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The Remains of the Play, Part 3 - Sims 3t2 Ambitions Federal Furniture Conversions

The third part of my leftover conversions keeps with the motto: Better latte than never.

3. The Federal Coffee Collection

This set is dedicated to Alexa Starr who is a character from The Sims Life Stories. In the second of the two stories, aka Vincent's Story, Alexa calls Vincent Moore after seeing his profile on a dating site and arranges to meet him at Don Calamari's for a date. They get to know each other over coffee and decide to order a meal. While they are waiting for the food to arrive, Vincent's ex-girlfriend Samantha Hayden sneaks into the kitchen and sabotages the food (highly unlikely with the cook standing at the stove the whole time, but just go with it), which causes Alexa to fall asleep in her meal later on. After she wakes up, she is so embarrassed by her "failure" that she leaves the restaurant in a hurry.

In her bio, Alexa is described as being the model of elegance who, in her ongoing pursuit of lost chivalry, can't help but turn the heads of modern moguls in Bitville. She is also reputed to be fueled by an unlimited supply of coffee and a clear sense of what she wants. The coffee she drinks on a regular basis gives her that jittery caffeine feeling, which is implemented in-game by her body vibrating incessantly.

This coffee is in on me, Alexa!

Two recolors:

Objects in the set: Couch, loveseat, two living chairs, two dining chairs, coffee table, end table, dining table, lamp, painting, china cabinet, curtain, coffee set deco, coffee bag deco, coffee pot deco, jelly roll deco, bowl of roses, collection file.

The table lamp is actually a ceiling lamp which I turned upside down, the painting is made from a Maxis mesh, the "coffee art" animal pictures come from the Internet, and the three coffee-related patterns of the seating furniture are from COLOURlovers.

As I wasn't able to get The Sims 2 running correctly since I installed Windows 8, I had to test the conversions in The Sims Life Stories. For that it might be that everything is base game compatible, though I wouldn't put my shirt on it. As always, use the downloads at your own risk!

Credits: Maxis for the meshes, SimPE, TSRW, Gimp, Milkshape, Vitasims for the four coffee accessoires and the bowl of roses.

Download here: http://simfileshare.net/download/299058/

To be continued ...

Tags: comfort, decorative, lighting, surfaces
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