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The Remains of the Play, Part 2 - Sims 3t2 Contemporary Comfort Living

The second part of odds and ends and odd ends from the depths of my hard drive.

2. Contemporary Comfort Living

According to the game developers, the Contemporary Comfort Set from the Sims 3 Store is supposed to provide our games with furniture in a contemporary style in it's most comfortable form. I don't take issue with that statement as I like the furniture well enough. I just think that the original dull white color of the seating accomodations really lives up to its name: dull. While googling pictures for inspiration with regard to a more snazzy color scheme, I found a picture of a zebra-style living-room with purple accents and thought "Okay, why not?!" :)

Zebra Living 1

Zebra Living 2

Zebra Living 3

Zebra Living 4

More neutral colors for those who aren't as adventurous when furnishing a room:

Zebra Living 5

Zebra Living 6

This, by the way, is the picture that inspired me:


Objects in the set: Couch, loveseat, living chair, coffee table, end table, plant table, two plants, little zebras, giraffe statue, tray with flower vase, 3-tile painting, deco clock, pillows, curtains, ceiling lamp, table lamp, fireplace, window, collection file.

The table lamp is an add-on to the ceiling lamp (but not slaved to it) and the plant table (with 5 slots) is pieced together from two Maxis meshes whose origin has slipped my mind.

As I wasn't able to get The Sims 2 running correctly since I installed Windows 8, I had to test the conversions in The Sims Life Stories. For that it might be that everything is base game compatible, though I wouldn't put my shirt on it. As always, use the downloads at your own risk!

Credits: Maxis for the meshes, SimPE, TSRW, Gimp, Milkshape, Steffor for the little zebras

Download here: http://simfileshare.net/download/295373/

To be continued ...

Tags: comfort, decorative, lighting, surfaces, windows
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