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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That - Some Arbitrary 3t2 Conversions

Hello again!

I finally got around to upload some things I've started to convert at one time or another, but didn't finish for various reasons. Be prepared for lots of randomness. Because behind the seeming randomness, there lies a deep and enduring structure which determines the destiny of men. At least, according to Schopenhauer. He also said that compassion is the basis of morality, though that's another story.


Karaoke Sign - Decorative - Miscellaneous - 520 Simoleons (Showtime)


Drive-In Theater Barrier - Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous - 0 Simoleons (University Life)
Store Sign Var01 - Decorative - Miscellaneous - 300 Simoleons (Ambitions)
Store Sign Var02 - Decorative - Miscellaneous - 300 Simoleons (Ambitions)
Traffic Sign - Decorative - Miscellaneous - 0 Simoleons (Pets)


Planter Concrete - Decorative - Plants - 0 Simoleons (University Life)
Planter Concrete Cylinder - Decorative - Plants - 0 Simoleons (University Life)


The Half-Asian Half Wall - Walls - 1/2 Walls - 55 Simoleons
Recolors of "Half Height Wall Writing" by Aikea-Guinea (Mesh included)
Recolors of "Billboard for Walls": http://misty-fluff.livejournal.com/23065.html


Mechanical Bull - Decorative - Sculptures - 0 Simoleons (Showtime)


Landscaping Rocks - Decorative - Plants - 5 Simoleons (Basegame) ---- the smallest rock is the Master Mesh!

Note: There are 17 different stone textures, but due to the rocks' different mapping not every texture looks good on each rock. Therefore, just choose whatever texture looks fine for you.


Recolors of "Movie Posters" : http://misty-fluff.livejournal.com/22367.html

Credits and thanks: EA for the meshes, SimPE, CEP, MilkShape, TSRW, Gimp

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/73u83vbrwcauomq/mif-A_Little_Bit_Of_This_And_That.zip

Tags: decorative, plants, wall hangings
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