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Build Me Up - Sims 3t2 'Late Night' Metropolitan Buildings

I really hate not to stick to what I've announced some weeks before, namely not to upload my conversions to this livejournal anymore, and I could try to explain my lack of consistency with the layout of tumblr that, by forcing the content into a narrow silo in the middle of the page, isn't entirely appropriate for posts that contain lots pictures with corresponding text, but the truth is that I went ahead of myself with saying good-bye to this journal and that I feel overwhelmed and lost on tumblr and that I'm therefore going to return here, where it is cozy and quiet and where I can add my mood and my current choice of music at the end of the post and this sentence ends now.

First of all, let me repeat a couple of the things I've already mentioned in my tumblr post: The various high-rises and business buildings that I'm going to upload over the next (three, four, five?) posts are buy mode objects, not neighborhood objects, and I've converted them in order to use them as props for screenshots, nothing else. Because of their size, they are very high poly, and because of their size, they also don't have the correct footprint (causing Sims to run through them). So if you have a weak computer, be careful with how many of the buildings you put into your neighborhood (if you want to decorate your hood with them, that is; just using one or two of them as background for pictures shouldn't be a problem). I have a new, high-performance computer, still my Bridgeport hood is lagging like a glacier.

If you prefer to have actual neighborhood objects when decorating your hood, visit CuriousB.'s site and grab her conversions:

General information

There are 27 so-called "Metropolitan Buildings" in the Sims 3 'Late Night' expansion, all designed the same way, but each with a different architectural design. Every shell
(= buildings which have a large exterior, but only a small playable interior) has a ground floor (public space) and a top floor (living space), the floors between the ground floor and upper floors do not exist. When playing the buildings, the player skips directly from the ground floor to the upper floor, where the Sims have their apartments (penthouses).


Because of the non-existing floors, the interior of the skyscrapers is hollow. Like, really hollow. If you listen closely, you can hear the wind whistling through the empty space. But don't worry, the vacuum will only reveal itself to those going inside the building with the game camera. Seen from the outside, the edifices are completely enclosed.


The highrises as such don't have an entrance door, it is created when placing the shells or during the game play (I've never built anything big in the Sims 3 game, so I don't really know). Therefore, you have to put one of the two fake doors (they're sculptures, like the buildings) that I've made separately into the opening intended for this purpose, using the "moveObjects on" and "snapObjectsToGrid false" cheats.

Some of the buildings have what looks like a walled up opening at the back of the house. You can put a door there, too, though it's actually supposed to be like that. Don't ask me why.

The buildings

The buildings I'm uploading today all have the same style and only differ in color and height. You'll find them together with the dummy doors under the 'Miscellaneous -Miscellaneous' category for the gigantic price of zero Simoleons. The polycounts are listed next to their names, so don't say I didn't warn you (twice).
The pictures below, taken from my Bridgeport neighborhood, not only feature the highrises but also a quick way to make a community lot: Plop a building onto an empty lot, add some floor tiles, green stuff, and cars ... and done! Instant space filler.


The Brightmore - Disco Club, Faces: 12374, Vertices: 21187


The Trawler Lodge, Faces: 8264, Vertices: 14196


Founders Peace, Faces: 11982, Vertices: 20498


Glenview Manor, Faces: 8826, Vertices: 15219


The Simerset, Faces: 8264, Vertices: 13932


The Gentry, Faces: 11346, Vertices: 19367

Credits: EA for the meshes, SimPE, CEP, MilkShape, TSRWorkshop, Gimp, IgnorantBliss for her tutorial on subsets, that I'm now able to recite.

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/psmzpvnpu22wep2/mif-LateNight-MetropolitanBuildings.zip

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