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The Big Dump - Part Two

Following in the Jacquets' footsteps, Bluewater Village's Tinker family allows us to take a look at what there is in their backyard.








Le Cirque Esprit:
Clowning Around Wall Sculpture - Decorative - Wall Hangings - 95 Simoleons
Knife Thrower's Table - Surfaces - Dining Table - 75 Simoleons
Muscles Mascardo and his Band of Misfits Wall Poster - Lighting - Wall Lamps - 165 Simoleons
Never Forget Elephant - Decorative - Statues - 125 Simoleons
Oddities Etc. Wall Display - Decorative - Wall Hangings - 90 Simoleons
Table Tent Carnival Umbrella - Decorative - Statues - 50 Simoleons
The Show Must Go On Wall Poster - Decorative - Wall Hangings - 90 Simoleons
Tunnel of Love Living Room Chair As Dining Chair- Comfort - Dining Chairs - 150 Simoleons

Lion Chair - Comfort - Living Chairs - 200 Simoleons
Magic Trunk Prop - Decorative - Sculptures - 110 Simoleons

Le Cirque Esprit:
Fun House Gym Set - Hobbies - Recreation - 300 Simoleons

This Way/That Way - Decorative - Miscellaneous - 315 Simoleons
Under the Big Tent Backdrop - Decorative - Statues - 335 Simoleons

Covered Wagon - Decorative - Miscellaneous - 500 Simoleons

World Adventures:
The Shade-a-Plenty Awning - Decorative - Curtains - 100 Simoleons

Catalyst Chemistry Station - Surfaces - Miscellaneous - 1000 Simoleons

Technical notes:

- The 'Fun House Gym Set' needs Apartment Life, all other objects are basegame compatible.

- You can find other furniture of the 'Le Cirque Esprit' set, such as the bench shown in one of the screenshots at The Ninth Wave here:  http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2012/08/the-sims-2-several-items-from-store.html

-  My kindred spirit delonariel has released the same set for 'The Big Trade-Off', you can find her conversion, that also includes the slide and two lighted columns,here: http://thebigtradeoff.livejournal.com/21138.html?thread=564114#t564114.

- The 'Shade-a-Plenty Awning' has been colored with textures from COLOURlovers to go with the circus theme.

-  When sitting down at the table, the Sims won't correctly grab the backrest of the 'Tunnel of Love' chair as it is originally a living chair and consequently more voluminous as a dining chair. But I wanted to have a fitting chair for the table while keeping the form of the chair, so I was willing to live with that.

- Although the 'This Way/That Way' arrows have a blinking animation, I put them into the 'Miscellaneous' category as they aren't actual lights.

- The 'Catalyst Chemistry Station' has been made it into a deco objects with slightly shifted slots so that objects placed on the left side of the table won't stand on the clipboard.

Credits and thanks: EA for the meshes, SimPE, MilkShape, GIMP, COLORlovers for the awning's textures, all the nice Sims2/Sims3 tutorial writers without whom I wouldn't be able to make my conversions, my hubby and kids for uncomplainingly accepting my strange obsession with a pile of pixels

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?qsdwjmdjltlq4no

Tags: comfort, decorative, surfaces

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