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It's Not Over Yet - A Dresser And Some Fences

Good frosty evening everyone!

Old Man Winter has arrived here in Germany, and with the freezing temperatures upon us, there's nothing much to do other than stay at home, close by the heating. And as that's where my computer is set up, too, I've finished the dresser of the Sims 3 Loud, Fast, Clash! store set.

The dresser needs 'Seasons", costs 450 Simoleons, and has three decorative slots.

As to the microwave and the mirror of this set, I haven't given up on them yet. I just need a short break to gain a new perspective. Or to hit a few more tutorials. :-)

Have some fences instead .........

You need at least one EP to let the fences appear in your game.

Fence names and their prices:

Fibonacci Fence - Showtime - 75 Simoleons
Recycled Retro Wall - Basegame - 75 Simoleons

Simply Stylish Wall - Showtime - 45 Simoleons

Credits: EA for the meshes, SimPE, MilkShape, TSR Workshop, Gimp, HugeLunatic at ModTheSims2 for the tutorial on how to add slots.

Download herehttp://www.mediafire.com/?mumrjsw5fc0itk9
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