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Strike While It's Hot- Some More 3t2 Fences

Part two of the Sims 3 fence conversions, presented in a series of scenes taking a take on the different connotations of the word 'iron'. Can you guess the references?








You need at least one EP to let the fences appear in your game; the 'Familiar Fencing' fence needs OfB because the one basegame modular fence somehow wouldn't work on the corresponding Sims 3 mesh, requiring me to clone a fence from another EP.

I also converted the 'Playground Fence', but forgot about it until I uploaded the files to Mediafire, and then lacked the inspiration to take another screenshot. You can take a look at it here: http://wiki.thesimsresource.com/index.php?title=Fences

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?pblbkv3d4736kc6

References from top to bottom: Iron Man (athlete), Iron Man (Marvel comic), iron scissors, iron pan, Iron Lady (Margaret Thatcher), iron bars (T-1000,Terminator2)

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Love these! Thank you so much for sharing! :D
It's my passion and my pleasure. :-)


November 25 2012, 10:23:01 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  November 25 2012, 14:23:39 UTC

I'm as in love with your screenshots as your conversions. Ha haaaa! There's a whole lotta excitement going on in your game! :D

Thanks for the awesome fences~
Yes, my Sims have a lot of fun staging with regularity. I love taking screenshots (even if it takes up a lot of time) and it's a good way to test if the conversions are working in the game (at least on the basic level). I'm happy to hear that you like them. :-)
Whoohoo,more lovely fences to use :D
Thanks a lot :D
You're welcome! And luckily I'm almost done with the fences, I'm a tiny bit fed up with them at the moment.:-)

(By the way, I've planned making an advent calendar and it might include something you like. ;-o)
Your screenshots are hilarious. :D I wonder how many of the younger people got the Terminator reference. ^_^
The Terminator is a recurring guest on the TV screen, there can't be a single person who hasn't seen it yet, can there? ;] I do wonder more about the 'Iron Lady' reference. Margaret Thatcher? Eh? Who's that? :o
Aha, now that you say it! I thought that one was just poking fun at the Llama cult in Sims. In my defense, I'm not British.
I'll admit that the Llama sign is indeed very distracting. It was supposed to express something like "politicians spit at each other during debates much like llamas spit at each other to resolve herd hierarchy", but I tend to over-intellectualize things. I really like your idea of a Llama cult, though. There's a family in my neighborhood that could use some weird customs in their life. :-)
By the way, I'm not British either. I'm as German as a Volkswagen. ;)
Sounds like over-intellectualizing. :D There's a bunch of silly Llama stuff on MTS: http://linna.modthesims.info/browse.php?f=469&showType=1&gs=1

Aha, das wusste ich nicht (oder ich hab's vergessen). Jetzt werde ich immer überlegen müssen, ob ich deutsch kommentiere oder englisch, damit die anderen mitlesen können. ;)
Thanks a lot for the link. An idea is forming in my head.....

As You Like It! Ich lese und schreibe inzwischen so viel Englisch, dass ich aufpassen muss, die deutsche Sprache nicht zu verlernen. Neulich musste ich doch tatsächlich ein Wort in meinem Deutsch-Englisch-Wörterbuch nachschlagen, weil mir das deutsche Wort nicht mehr einfallen wollte. Kommas setze ich nur noch aus reinem Instinkt und hoffe, dass dies kein Leben kostet: "Komm wir essen Opa!" ;o)
Jaja, sich nur an ein englisches Wort zu erinnern und nicht das deutsche kenn ich. :D


December 2 2012, 17:04:27 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  December 2 2012, 21:06:13 UTC

Fences! I love this conversions! thank you so much :)
And I must say I love the previews, they are funny :3