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Sims 3 Basegame Fences For Sims 2

Tags: fences
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Thank you! These are great and for sure will be used.
You're very welcome, I'm glad somebody else but me actually uses them. :-)
Ooh, love these! Thank you so much for sharing! :D
It's always more fun to share with everyone. :-)
Ooh! These are going to be useful! Thank you :)
You're welcome, and happy fencing. :-)
Yay, cool fences! I especially like the chain fences, I thought of making one like that one day but now I don't have to. :)
And I like the sound of "part one". :D
Sounds good to me too. Now that I've finally learnt to make something else than statues, I hear all kinds of sounds in my head. It's an actual symphony of sounds. Beethoven No.5 in C Minor. Or even better, Dvorak No.9 in E Minor. :-)


6 years ago


6 years ago

Ooh fences, yes please! And that last pic is HILARIOUS :D
Thank you!
Ha-ha, that's exactly the way I would look when I had to climb over a fence. I can run for miles and miles, but I nearly kill myself when doing pull-ups. :-)
Thanks for you comment, shastakiss!
Oh my god,some of my favorite TS3 fences(like the overgrown fence,the chainlink fence and those brick-fences) are now in TS2.Thank you very much.
I really like your conversions.Maybe one day those cool drainpipes and cornice-set from the 1.38 Patch/Supernatural Addon will follow too.


Chris W.
Thanks for the thanks, Chris!
I'll take a look at the drainpipes and cornices when I'm ready with the fences (they curiously appeared in TSR Workshop when I installed the latest patch, without me having bought any EP after Late Night), but I don't know if I convert them yet. I'm usually very fond of building objects and cannot get enough of them, but they also have to meet with my approval. :-)
thank you :)
You're very welcome. :-)
thank you
My pleasure!
Gorgeous! Thank you. I especially like the wire fences.
They were the reason I started to convert fences in the first place. Enjoy them. :-)
These are smashing, thank you!
Thanks for all the conversions. They make my S2 game even cooler! Thankyouthankyou!
I love these! I've been hoping someone would convert the brick fence with the ivy especially (I'm so lazy,) and the chain post fence looks amazing. Thank you so much :D