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(This sticky post is a work in progress and will be edited if needed.)

Please read before downloading!

Listed below you will find links to all of my 3t2/4t2 conversions uploaded to Sim File Share. Contrary to the conversions uploaded to Mediafire (the ones that I linked to in my various Livejournal posts), the files uploaded to Sim File Share are mostly sorted by Theme (e.g. Rabbit Holes -- Movie, Stage & Props -- Kid's Stuff, etc.). Those conversions that didn't match a special theme I sorted under The Others, divided into the four categories Build Mode, Decorative, Comfort/Surfaces, and Files That Need An Expansion.

New file names and re-categorizing: As my first conversion files had a different labeling than the later ones, I renamed them to have a uniform file naming scheme. In some cases, I shortened files names or removed special characters. Moreover, I re-categorized a good many objects, mostly from the Deco/Sculpture to the Deco/Misc or the General/Misc category, since I had far too many things under the sculpture tab in my game.

Corrected files: In the process of renaming and re-categorizing, I also modified some of my conversions in regard to footprints, wrong shadows, and the like, deleted superfluous lines in SimPE, and changed the Pie Menu values of a few seating furniture that had the additional "Animals Tab" added with the Pets expansion so that they don't crash the game of those Sims players that don't have this expansion.

Please note: If you don't like these modifications ... as long as Mediafire hosts my old files, you can of course download them from there.

Collection files: All themed collections have a collection file, so you can easily find all of its objects.

On the subject of screenshots: I'm aware that screenshots showing the individual conversions are quite important as you want to know what you're downloading. Photobucket deleted the screenshots I had uploaded to my Livejournal posts, I will see if I find time to reupload them to my Livejournal scrapbook and insert them from there (no promise!). Whether or not, I'm going to add them to the respective Sim File Share folders. Because of the new arrangement of my files, though, it might be that not all of the screenshots match the particular folder's content one-hundred per cent in that they show addtional conversions from other folders. There are also some screenshots that I'm sure I made at some point in the past, but which took a hike to whatever place. If by any chance I should find them after all, I'll add them later.

Compability and TOU: Save for the few conversions that need an expansion pack and that I therefore put in the abovementioned extra folder, all of the files on Sim File Share are tested with The Sims Life Stories, meaning they are (most probably) basegame compatible. Be aware, though, that I've retired from creating and won't be able to help you with specific problems in regard to my conversions anymore. Also, feel free to share, edit, or change my conversions to your heart's content. Don't make them a pay item, though. EA's TOU does count legally!

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The Remains of the Play, Part 5 - Random 3t2/4t2 Conversions

The yo-yo has reached the end of the string. Let's make this quick and painless.

5. The Bucket List

Saved the best for last? Not necessarily, but as it is known, tastes differ. These last 17 conversions come from different sources, have been made at different times and for different reasons, and are qualitatively very different. On the other hand, there is nothing like difference to keep us out of the rut. So, decide for yourselves.

Screenshots and short descriptions (full speed) ahead ...
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The Remains of the Play, Part 4 - Sims 3t2 Gothic Glamour & Romanza Reception Conversions

We're drawing to a close. This is the second last part of my remaining remains and the last themed collection.

4. The Gothic Glamour Wedding Decoration Collection

If I were an artist, I would tell you that this collection is part of my experimental phase, being defined by a clash of two different decor styles. As I'm nowhere near being an artist, I will tell you that I don't exactly know why I made these conversions. Perhaps because I just felt like converting. Probably because I wanted to try something new. Very likely because I had something special in mind that I forgot about. Odds-on that nobody cares why this curious mixture of two Sims 3 store sets came into being.

May I present: Gothic Glamour meets Romanza Reception. It's almost like Batman meets Cinderella.

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The Remains of the Play, Part 3 - Sims 3t2 Ambitions Federal Furniture Conversions

The third part of my leftover conversions keeps with the motto: Better latte than never.

3. The Federal Coffee Collection

This set is dedicated to Alexa Starr who is a character from The Sims Life Stories. In the second of the two stories, aka Vincent's Story, Alexa calls Vincent Moore after seeing his profile on a dating site and arranges to meet him at Don Calamari's for a date. They get to know each other over coffee and decide to order a meal. While they are waiting for the food to arrive, Vincent's ex-girlfriend Samantha Hayden sneaks into the kitchen and sabotages the food (highly unlikely with the cook standing at the stove the whole time, but just go with it), which causes Alexa to fall asleep in her meal later on. After she wakes up, she is so embarrassed by her "failure" that she leaves the restaurant in a hurry.

In her bio, Alexa is described as being the model of elegance who, in her ongoing pursuit of lost chivalry, can't help but turn the heads of modern moguls in Bitville. She is also reputed to be fueled by an unlimited supply of coffee and a clear sense of what she wants. The coffee she drinks on a regular basis gives her that jittery caffeine feeling, which is implemented in-game by her body vibrating incessantly.

This coffee is in on me, Alexa!
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The Remains of the Play, Part 2 - Sims 3t2 Contemporary Comfort Living

The second part of odds and ends and odd ends from the depths of my hard drive.

2. Contemporary Comfort Living

According to the game developers, the Contemporary Comfort Set from the Sims 3 Store is supposed to provide our games with furniture in a contemporary style in it's most comfortable form. I don't take issue with that statement as I like the furniture well enough. I just think that the original dull white color of the seating accomodations really lives up to its name: dull. While googling pictures for inspiration with regard to a more snazzy color scheme, I found a picture of a zebra-style living-room with purple accents and thought "Okay, why not?!" :)
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The Remains of the Play, Part 1 - Sims 3t2 Showtime Mid Pop Conversions

Let's get down to business right away, we'll stop for coffee later.

1. The Mid Pop Collection

Aside from many showstage-related objects, the Sims 3 Showtime expansion pack mainly offers buy and build items of three designs: Regency, Spanish Colonial and Mid Pop. Since my childhood room sported green furniture, a plush yellow carpet, and orange curtains, I still have a weakness for 60s and 70s style decoration and rejoiced over the latter set. Alas, I lost interest in converting the Mid Pop objects halfway through, because, for one, some of them are plain ugly (the lamps), and for another, there are far too few things to decorate a typical 60/70s room with (like a fruit bowl, a snack/peanut bowl, a wine carafe, a tray with glasses, or some such). And why the folks at EA are not able to make matching recolors of matching furniture is beyond me. Whatever, in my compilation you'll find 15 Mid Pop conversions and a table lamp that I cobbled together from two Maxis meshes. For the furniture, I used the red, brown, and green shades from the coffee table, added an orange shade, choose two additional patterns from the TSRW Pattern Editor, and made a matching set.

Enjoy the "eye candy". :)

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Just A Short Hello

Hello Simmers, young and old,

sorry for being a stranger for more than two years (was it really THAT long?), I'd been sorting out my life and barely had time for anything else but the occasional game session to relieve the stress. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to quit playing both TS2 and TS3, and to prevent me from falling back into temptation, I sold all my game copies at the flea market. Moreover, I deleted the game files and every custom content I ever downloaded from my computer (and boy, was this a lot of GB), sparing only my own conversions, which I will re-organize and transfer to Sim File Share in the coming weeks.The same goes for the screenshots (which are now missing on this site due to Photobucket suddenly demanding an annual fee for third party hosting, which I'm not prepared to pay) that I'm going to add to the corresponding folders when uploading my files to SFS.

While cleaning up my hard drive, I found some conversions I started to make at some point in the past and either forgot about or put aside because they needed some finishing touches. I took a closer look at them, finished those that were easy to complete and deleted the puzzlers. Surely, most, if not all, of these conversions have been already made, but as I haven't been following the Sims community for quite some time now, I don't know if everything is still available or how many creators are still around. So, I'm going to upload them in the course of the next days, and if anybody out there has use for it, splendid! If not, just forget what you have seen here. :)

Okay, that's all for now, folks. See you!
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Watch The Dead - The Sims 3t2 Mausoleum Collection - Part Three

The last part of the 3t2 Mausoleum Collection presents you with three more decorative vaults acting as zero-priced statues under the Miscellaneous-Miscellaneous category. If the shape of these buildings look familiar to you, it's because all three of them are modifications of mausoleums I uploaded in the previous parts, either having an additional feature (like the ivy of the World's End Mausoleum, making it a variation of the Specter Family Mausoleum) or a different color scheme.

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Wake The Dead - The Sims 3t2 Mausoleum Collection - Part Two

Part two of the Sims 3t2 Mausoleum collection, featuring four more tombs converted as no-cost sculptures and tucked into the Miscellaneous-Miscellaneous category. Correct footprints are nowhere to be found.

Just as an aside: Beware of the doctor, whose wife sells cemetery plots, whose brother owns a granite quarry, and whose father deals in shovels!

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Honor The Dead - The Sims 3t2 Mausoleum Collection, Part One

All hail my dear fellow Sims 2 players!

I had this project brewing in my head for quite some time, but had a hard time fitting it into my tight conversion schedule (if I can call it that): The Sims 3 Mausoleums. A couple of days ago, I finally started to work on the tombs, with the intention to upload them as I go. Mausoleums to go, so to speak.

Like the decorative shell-buildings and rabbit holes I converted more than a year ago, the mausoleums are (sometimes more, sometimes less) high-poly sculptures, not complying with the correct footprint, and burying themselves in the Miscellaneous- Miscellaneous category for the humble price of zero Simoleons.

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